Which of the following list of unit operations best describe the process for the production of industrial enzymes using microbial cells? a) fermentation, centrifugation, precipitation, chromatography b) fermentation, centrifugation, distillation, evaporation c) catalysis, membrane filtration, precipitation, distillation d) bio-remediation, membrane filtration, centrifugation, evaporation e) none of the above (1 mark) 16. Industrial enzymes are often used to a) reduce the consumption of chemicals b) reduce the consumption of water and energy c) remove stains from clothes d) all of the above e) none of the above (1 mark) 17. Common classes of enzymes used in industrial detergents include a) Proteases, lipases, and isomerases b) Proteases, lipases, amylases and cellulases c) Lipases, methyltransferases and cellulases d) Proteases, cellulases and isomerases e) Lipases, amylases and cellulases and methyltransferases (1

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