: Describe how bonding is the sharing of electrons. Describe the similarities and differences between covalent, polar covalent, and ionic bonding. Make up a molecule and draw it using the bonding rules. Explain why water molecules are polar and form hydrogen bonds Explain how the hydrogen bonding properties of water leads to cohesion, high specific heat, ice floating, and water as an excellent solvent. Have a friend draw a structure that won’t work – try to fix it! Google a molecule-choose a drug or toxin or something that interests you and look at its structure. look at each bond that is in the molecule and classify it as polar, non-polar, or lonic. look at its structure – is it hydrophilic or hydrophobic? look at its structure – will it dissolve in water or oil? What might its function be? Draw 2 water molecules and show how they hydrogen bond. Draw another molecule – show how water will hydrogen bond to it.

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