Describe the specific DNA changes that produce the abnormal sickle cell hemoglobin, explain the structural effect that this point mutation has on the hemoglobin protein, and why the sickle cell mutation is selected for in certain areas of the world?

Hydrogen bonds form along the backbone of the a helix (left], stabilizing the structure. H bonds form between the carbonyl oxygen of one amino acid, and the H atom bonded to a N of an amino acid stacked on top of it. Draw TWO hydrogen bonds. What other noncovalent interactions might be occurring within the a helix? Where? beta sheets are another form of secondary structure (right] and are also stabilized by hydrogen bonding. How do the H bonds in sheets compare to those in a helices? The structure of hemoglobin (Hb] is shown below. Hb is a multimeric protein composed of four polypeptide subunits (two alpha and two beta]. Which levels of protein structure are represented in the image? For each level of protein structure depicted, what noncovalent interactions are contributing to stability?

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