Describe the structures of membrane phospholipids and how they combine with cholesterol, carbohydrates, and various proteins to form cell membranes

Name the intermolecular force(s) that hold () triacylglycerols, (i) phospholipids, and (iii) bile salts in place within micelles and chylomicrons. (3 x 2 marks)

glycolysis and gluconeogenesis. (a) First, consider a scheme that maximizes production of ribose-5-phosphate (R-5-P) via the PPP. Assume that flux through the PPP converts all the G-6-P to R-5-P. Under these conditions, what is the maximum possible yield of R-5-P and NADPH following the addition of 24 nmol of G-6-P to your extract? Show your work. uppose you have a liver cell extract that contains all the enzymes for the pentose phosphate pathway (PPP),

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