-Describe what happens to the slope of the exponential phase for a population of tetracycline resistant bacteria growing in the presence of the antibiotic tetracycline. Explain what you have described.

2-In the article New Antibiotics Discovered by Sifting Through the Human Microbiome, the researchers discovered genes coding for the production of beta lactams, which targets bacterial cell wall synthesis. Because of this, beta lactams would be considered

a) Lysogenic

b) Cidal

c) Synthetic

d) Static


3-Hydroxychloroquine is used to control the replication of which of the following?






4-. Nucleotide analogs stop DNA and RNA synthesis because they

a)Are not recognized by DNA or RNA polymerases

b)Do not allow the next nucleotide base to attach

c)Get incorporated by the ribosome

d)Are produced in high amounts by the cell’s metabolism

e)Are only used by eukaryotic cells

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