is the structural difference between a nucleotide found in a DNA and a dideoxy loes nucleotide? 20. What happens when a dideoxy nucleotide is incorporated into a DNA chain during a reaction? Short Answer 21. You obtain the cloning vector p88322 from a company to use in your research project. You cleave this vector with a restriction enzyme. You isolate a ONA fragment from human DNA that you clesve with the same restriction enzyme, and you ligate the vector to the human DNA fragment and transform into bacteria. You grow the bacteria in the presence of tetracycline. in addition to the desired cells, what other cells might be found among the bacteria? Are they all tetracycine resistant? How would you identity the correct cells? – Lo (o rovsing tr surrriffur,就.way are ๕” +e+reCHI.nt renf,.. has woul-tMm..)”,. ^^ , n04 liver, 15 Near nsede 22. You are interested to know if a drug m etabolism enzyme GSTİAL has higher expression in lung, or brain. lung or brain. Which tise would you hrypothesise would have the highest expresion? How you design a 2 part experiment to test your hypothe sis? Describe both parts of the experiment, and the results (data) you would need to compare in order to make your conclusions

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