What is microarray? In this paper, what are the fluorescence that authors used? Please describe the procedure in your own word (before analysis). How can you analyze the data? Please write in your own word. What is heat map or dendrogram? 2. What is Real time PCR? You want to assay the Wntsa gene from BJ cells using the real time PCR. How can you set up the experiments? Can you make a list of reagents of real time PCR for Wnt5a gene? Once you finished the real time PCR, how can you confirm the data that you got are correct? 3. What is Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorter (FACS)? Write the principle of FACS in your own language. You want to do FACS of Wntha from control and treated BJ cells. How can you set up the experiments? Can you write down the steps that you must follow during the FACS of Wnt5a.

Name 6 abnormalities that could occur during each Carnegie Stage (23 stages).

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