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) Describe what Sustainability issue is addressed, how that is being applied in the facility, why it is considered “Sustainable”, and how that could apply to you as a Facility Manager,

The article I found was related to my favorite soft drink, Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper Snapple Group has committed to conserve more than 60 million lbs. of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) through re engineering packaging. Dr.Pepper set goals to improve their environmental and social performance. Dr. Pepper’s released “Sustainability in ACTION”. The company’s five year goals will focus on environmental sustainability, health and wellness, philanthropy, workplace environment, and ethical sourcing. From the article, Dr. Pepper stated,

“In the area of Environmental Sustainability, the company’s goals include the following (note, all reduction targets are set against baseline data for the 2009 calendar year):

• Improve energy efficiency in manufacturing operations by 10% per gallon of finished product

• Increase product shipments per gallon of fuel used by 20%

• Replace 60,000 vending machines and coolers with Energy Star-rated equipment that is approximately 30% more energy efficient

• Reduce water usage and wastewater discharge ratio in manufacturing operations by 10% per gallon of finished product

• Recycle 80% of solid waste in manufacturing

• Conserve more than 60 million lb of PET plastic through package re engineering and increased use of post-consumer recycled material.”

2) What type of facility is discussed: Beverage Manufacturer

3) Identify whether the Sustainability would be considered Lean or Green, and why.

I would believe this would be both, Lean and Green. Dr. Pepper stated they would improve efficiency, recycle 80% of solid waste, as well as conserving more than 60 million lbs. of PET.

Q: Give your opinion whether the posting above describes an issue that would be a good business decision to implement as a Facility Manager. In other words, is it a feasible, economic, practical choice for the company, or is it just a good idea from a sustainable, “feel good” perspective.

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