Which of the following describes an adaptation an organism has in its ecosystem? A bird has broken wings and lives in low growing shrubs away from other birds. An individual snake is unable to move up a tree as other snakes in its population A population of beetles are yellow and red which causes them to be seen by lizards A jack rabbit has large ears which help it lose heat to keep cool in its hot environment, How does habitat fragmentation affect biodiversity? It increases biodiversity because it minimizes competition for resources within the space. It increases biodiversity because it gives species more individual space within which to live. It decreases biodiversity because it gives more individuals access to a larger living space It decreases biodiversity because it limits the amount of space species have to thrive and live. Test 2. Stability and Change in Ecosystnens 2020 Which of the following is an action that can result in endangering a species? raising animals to harvest their fur bringing in produce from other locations harvesting fish beyond established limits hunting in designated areas during a season Which of the following is the greatest threat to biodiversity in an ecosystem? disease predation habitat loss O competition Which factor determines an agency’s decision to place or remove a species from the endangered or threatened species list? biological data O political factors economic factors O conservation efforts DsOCJuHGDQ/viewform?hr_submission-Chk Test 2: Stability and Change in Ecosystems 0310020 How does global warming affect biodiversity? It can increase biodiversity by changing the climate of an area It can increase biodiversity by expanding the area species can live. It can decrease biodiversity by causing habitat loss or degradation It can decrease biodiversity by providing different diets for species. Why is protecting all organisms in an ecosystem controversial? doing so can maintain the balance in an ecosystem O doing so can affect the livelihood of other organisms O doing so can protect the biodiversity of an ecosystem O doing so can limit the effects of environmental changes Page 1 of 1 Submit Never submit passwords through Google Forms. This form was created inside of Houston County Board of Education. Rer Google Forms

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