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Determine the P-wave velocities from the travel time information tabulated below. Use the attached piece of graph paper or a computer plot to do this (must attach graph). Assume there are two layers. What is the depth to the top of the second layer? (use the formula: depth = (xc1/2) * [(V2-V1)/(V2+v1)]1/2) (6 points) *Use absolute value in square root if negative Distance (ft) 10 20 30 40 50 Arrival time (msec) 2. 3.5 5 6.5 8.5 Distance (ft) Arrival time (msec) 60 10 70 11 11.5 12 100 12.5 80 90

Approximately how many of your earthquakes (3 days of existing data and historical earthquakes) occurred: …along divergent margins? ii…..along convergent margins between ocean and continents? iii…..along convergent margins between two ocean plates? iv. ….along convergent margins between two continental plates? v. ….along transform margins? vi. ….in areas not near the margins (plate interiors and hot spots)? + 2000 dary Latest Earthquakes pdf

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