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  1. differences and similarities between Public and Private Law systems. Your description should include: a) the sources of law in each system; and b) how each system evolved over the years. CLO 2 [ 6 Marks]
  2. Rankle offered to purchase a pedigreed poodle puppy from Murphy for $350. She stipulated in her offer that Murphy could only accept by delivering the puppy to her on or before her birthday, March 18th, which was twenty days away. Murphy mailed Rankle a letter accepting her offer, but two days later, before the puppy had been delivered, Runkle notified Murphy that she wished to revoke her offer and would not accept delivery of the puppy. Is there a contract between Runkle and Murphy under these facts? Why or why not? CLO3     (7 marks)
  3. Drucker Manufacturing’s payroll records revealed that during June, all employees worked an average of 48 hours. Each worker received $7.20 an hour for the first 40 hours per week and $10.80 for the eight hours overtime. In May, some employees had been paid as much as $8.00 per hour for the first 40 hours, but the company reduced the scale when female employees complained that men were being paid more for the same work. The records also reveal that the plant manager and personnel manager worked as many as 60 hours per week but did not receive overtime pay. Discuss any legal problems that may exist. CLO4(7marks)

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