Suppose a cell with 10% solute concentration in the cytosol is placed in a beaker filled with 1% Na+Cl- (salt) solution. What is a description that could be used to describe this situation? (Select all that apply] Hyperosmotic Hypotonic Isoosmotic Hypertonic Hypoosmotic Isotonic Question 23 1/2 pts Which of the following is exergonic? [Select all that apply] • Digestion of proteins n the stomach Shot Breaking starch bonds to produce glucose Burning of wood Cells breaking down glucose to carbon dioxide Combining carbon dioxide and water to form glucose The Electron Transport System Question 28 0/2 pts The majority of ATP in aerobic respiration is produced by X The Citric Acid Cycle wrong Oxidative Phosphorylation Fermentation Glycolysis Question 29 0/2 pts The primary energetic result of Glycolysis and the Citric Acid Cycle is: CO2 production O2 circulation ATP production Electron harvesting (NADH production) ADP reduction X eXwrong Munction 3

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