As you know listeria monocytogenes meningitis and meningoensephatlitis are the main Express the information (general and private) that will support your hypothesis mortality from bacterial sources and causing abortions in humans and animals (you cite is a very high (up to 70%) food pathogen. However, the subject in question specify sources). Later on homework on Listeria monocytogenes and their There are many different serogroups of bacteria. The serogroups in question are serogroups the same Express information to support the topic (About the Listeria monocytogenes title Although they are the type of bacteria, they are primary in different foods and / or species. (specify the cited sources). Then, in recent years, at least three Can be found. As an example, 4d cheddar cheeses at the serogroup level, milk scan the article to report the views of world scientists on the subject and and mainly in butter, 1/2a cattle, 1/2c humans, 4c horses and 4a whole foods compare with your views (under the title of discussion and conclusion the can be found as. Moreover, different serogroups of the same species or even the sources you cited) same serogroups Please specify). Finally, the sources you scanned under the title of sources and some are resistant to the same antibiotics, while others may be sensitive. all citations For example, 1/2 serogurub vancomycin resistance in bacteria originated in Please specify. Make your quotes in the sample order given below. Upper and Turkey showed lower page limit in homework Spanish bacteria of the same serogroup may be sensitive to vancomycin. They do not. The value and originality of your hypothesis and opinions are What do you think could be the reasons for the information given above? criteria Prepare your homework as a small article. First, a short introduction (under the title of the introduction)

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