Differentiate between osteoblasts and osteocytes 2. What is the role of osteoclasts? 3. Differentiate between the axial and appendicular skeleton 4. Tendons connect 5. Ligaments connect to- 6. What is the strongest long bone in the human body? 7. What 3 components make up the pelvis? to 8. List and describe the three types of joints and the degree of movement they allow. 9. Define the following terms: A. Flexion: B. Extension: C. Abduction: 11. What causes rheumatoid arthritis? 12. List and describe the three types of bone fractures 13. Differentiate between tarsals and carpals in terms of location 14. What are intervertebral disks made ofi 15. What are the two types of bone tissue and how are they different? 16. List the five functions of bones discussed in this chapter

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