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Differentiate between productivity, effectiveness, efficiency and other performance measures for operations management in manufacturing and service organizations

Explain the role played by total quality management (along with all its facets and tools) in enhancing the performance in organizations

The same scenario is used for questions all. New parents in a little town buy two major brands of infant formulas, labeled A and B. After some intensive study, a marketing researcher for one of the manufacturers found that the probability of parents purchasing A or B is based on the parents’ most recent purchase. Suppose that the following transition probabilities are appropriate Probabilities of Parents Purchasing A or B From A Το Α To B 0.75 0.25 0.20 0.80 QUESTION 3 1 points Save Answer Given a parent initially purchased Brand A, the probability that this parent purchases Brand B on the second purchase is O (0.75)(0.75)+(0.25)(0.20) = 0.5625 +0.0500 = 0.6125 (0.20)(0.25)+(0.80)(0.80) = 0.0500 +0.6400 = 0.6900 (0.20)(0.75)+(0.80)(0.20) = 0.1500 + 0.1600 = 0.3100 (0.75)(0.25)+(0.25)(0.80) = 0.1875 +0.2000 = 0.3875 None of the above

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