Karen wants to study osmosis and diffusion. She has set up five solutions with sucrose (table sugar). The five solutions have different concentrations of sucrose dissolved in water: Solution A has 0.00 M, Solution B has 0.20 M, Solution C has 0.40 M, Solution D has 0.60 M, and Solution E has 0.80 M a. Explain how sucrose can dissolve in water using concepts learned in lecture 65 points) b. Karen places 6 mL of each solution into a dialysis bag tied at one end and then ties up the other end of the bag so the bags do not leak on either end. She then places the bags into beakers with only tap water for 45 minutes. What is your hypothesis regarding concentration of the sucrose and the rate of osmosis? (10 points) c. After 45 minutes, Karen cuts open each bag and then measure the volume of ench solution. Below is data she obtained for each solution Final Volume Solution (m) 5.8 B с 6.8 D 7.3 E 7.8 6.4 Using the formula: %change (Pinat votume – Initiat volume)1001, calculate the %change initial volume for each solution and construct a graph with the y-axis showing initial volume for each solution and the x-axis showing the sugar concentration (10 points). d. Did Karen’s data support your hypothesis? Explain your answer in detail using the data that was obtained for this experiment (5 points).

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