The superclass are jawed vertebrates. most with paired appendages 2. The head region of a tapeworm is the 3. Sea anemones belong to the phylum 4. The of the tapeworm contains both male and female sex organs and become filled with developing embryo. 5. Pollen would land on the 6. structures in plants that produce the gametes are called- 7. Spores are produced in the 8. Structures in plants that produce the gametes are called 9. Ascaris Lumbricoides is a 10. The chemical that reinforces the vessels in the plants during secondary during pollination. of a fern. of the Phylum thickening is 11. The circulatory system in cephalopods (Mollusks) is described as 12.Type of protist that carries on photosynthesis. 13. Virus that infects bacteria 14.Group of animals in which blastopore is associated with the mouth 15.Mass of hyphae 16.Transport tissue in plants that consists of xylem and phloem 17.Cone -bearing gymnosperms 18.The insect organ most equivalent to the human lung in function is the 19.Haploid reproductive cell 20.Strong, flexible nitrogenous polysaccharide found in the exoskeleton of arthropods 21 Vascular tisue that transports waterand mineral solutes upward through the plant body 22.Dropping of leaves, fruits, or flowers from a plant_ 23. Plant spore that develops into a male gametophyte(pollen grain) 24. Animals that have three pairs of legs, a tympanum for reception of sound waves, and Malpighian tubules for excretion_ 25. Leeches belong to the phylum USING THE FOLLOWING WORDS COMPLETE THE SENTENCES IN #S 1-25 abscission algae Closed Grasshopper lignin Annelida bacteriophage chitin Cnideria Conifer gametocyte Gnathostomata Nematoda sori microspore mycelium Proglottids protostome round worm scolex Spore stigma vascular tissue Xylem trachea

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