Lab Section 14 15 21 22 23 Name Determination of Vitamin C Content of a Food. Discussion Th Fr Sa Su 3 4 5 10 11 12 17 18 19 4 25 26 1. Is it possible for your body to synthesize vitamin C7 What is the evidence for your statement? following would you buy given that each tablet is 200 mg. Rose hips (14 cents/tablet), ascorbic acid (5 centstablet), or “natural” vitamin C (10 centstablet)? 2. If the body can’t tell the difference between the sources of vitamin C, then which of the 1811 9 251 6 30 3. Is vitamin C a water- or fat-soluble vitamin? What is the difference between water- and fat-soluble vitamins? Which must you be more careful consuming and why? 16 frozen, fresh squeezed, in cartons, and in powder. Discuss an experiment to test which is the best source of vitamin C at the lowest cost. Outline the detailed steps. What is the concentration of vitamin C in OJ and what is the minimum daily requirement? 4. Orange juice, a source of vitamin C, can be purchased in a variety of forms: canned, Determination of the Ascorbic Acid Content of a Food ·27

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