Antibiotic Sensitivity and Natural Selection Worksheet Questions 1. Compare the base sequences between Norma, Karen, and Josina Circle any differences in their base sequences refer to the Worksheet. 2. Although each of them has a slightly different base sequence, none of them has CK How can this be? 3. Compare the amino acid sequences of Leah, Martin, and Richard to the amino acid sequences of Norma, Karen, and Josina. Why do Leah, Mar tin, and Richard have CF? 4. How does a changed amino acid sequence cause the disease? 1 Colution Matation, Ante Sensity and Natural Selection EXERCISE 9.3 Antibiotic Sensitivity Test A chalced by the that the www.cing the electron aty certain mehr ernst Antibes are destined to interfere with pathe without affecting the site of our body. Thus, their action may relies pecefevillacher such as those between Wanthacterials way not be the funci The antiti mo familiar to us ar antal agents, probably because wa merely to have had bacterial than fungal diseases. Some of these a including wythromycin tracyclines, and compoundstedt reformy Kanary, and work try binding to bacters boom 2. How would this affect bacteria 3. Why would eukaryotic cells like your own not be affected by antibiotics? 4. Why would antibiotics not be effective against viruses? Many antibiotics in use today were originally derived from certain types of fungi and bacteria that live in the soul (free-living), such as Pernicillium and Soupes 5. Why would these free-living bacteria evolve the ability to produce these antibacterial chemicals? In this exercise, you will determine the effectiveness of different antibiotics in inhibiting the growth of several bacterial species. Several Petri Dishes of

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