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Discussion Discussion Topic All of the information that is available on the internet about you can be used to help form or destroy your professional presence. It may be something that you have entered yourself or a friend or family member has posted on a social networking website. Even pictures can damage your professional presence if not closely monitored. Are you aware of all of the information that is “out there” about you? Please respond to the Discussion below. Your posts should be in the 100-150-word range and your responses in the 75-100-word range. Respond to at least two of your classmates with meaningful comments. Support from unit materials or outside research should be included. Check out the Discussion topic grading rubric in the Course Resources area for information about how you will earn your grade for the Discussion. Discuss at least two ways that you can help to control what information is readily available about you to anyone, including employers on the internet. How will using the two ways you identified help you to maintain your professional presence online?

Tahiti produces a special memory chip for smart phones. The chips are produced at a rate of 20,000 per day and shipped out at a rate of 8,000 per day (assume there are 365 days per year). The chips are produced in batches. Each chip costs the company 20 dollars, and the holding costs are based on a 20 percent annual interest rate. Shortages are not permitted. Each production run of the chip requires re-calibration of the equipment. The company estimates that this step costs $500. (a) Find the optimal sizes of each production run and the time between runs. (b) What fraction of the time is the company producing the chip? (c) What is the maximum inventory level of the chip? (d) If the plant manager at Tahiti decides to run the production in a batch of 50,000 chips, what is the total cost increase, in terms of production setup and inventory holding cost, comparing with the optimal production lot size?

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