d. Binary Fission in Prokaryotic Cells § The process of cell division in prokaryotic cells is called (1) _ _. § Lack membrane bound organelles § Have no nuclear membrane § Generally have a circular chromosome located in the (2) . The chromosome begins to replicate at the (3) _. The duplicated origins move to ( 4) _ of the cell, separating the chromosome as it replicates As replication occurs the cell Is increasing in size. i n c r e a s i n g i n s i z e 3 The Cell membrane pinches in and a cross wall forms Two (5) _ form from the original cell Cell Cycle (1) _ is the life of a cell from the time it forms until the time it divides. Phases of the cell cycle: 1. (2)_-90%ofcellcycle.Thecellgrows and prepares for division. It is divided into: a) (3) _ (First Gap)-Cell grows and prepares for replication of chromosomes b) (4) _ (Synthesis)-Chromosome replication. After this point the replicated chromosome consist to two sister chromatids joined at the centromere c) (5) _ (Second Gap)-Cell Grows and prepares for division 2. Mitosis-divisionofthecell.Itisdividedinto: a) (6) -separation of the chromatids (prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase) b) (7) -separation of the cytoplasm between the two daughter cells 4 Production of Gametes • Meiosis produces (1) _ __ _ in spermatogenesis • Oogenesis Meiosis begins in the (2) and is arrested in prophase I Cytokinesis is (3) _, producing a (4) _ _ . Meiosis II is not completed until the (5) is fertilized Cytokinesis is (6) _, producing an (7) (ovum) and a (8) . At birth, the ovary of a female contains a life time supply of primary oocytes that are (9) __ of meiosis.

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