The paper must include:

  • A discussion and evaluation of the conflicting results
  • A discussion of the unexpected findings
  • A discussion on how the findings answer your research questions, address the hypotheses or propositions
  • An explanation of the implication of your findings (why they are important and how they affect our understanding of the research problem).

The paper must following the formatting guidelines in The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2010), (6th ed., 7th printing), and contain scholarly references. In addition, the paper will be submitted through the Turnitin originality-checking tool.

Topic: Topic: COVID-19 was declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020. As a result, organizations needed to immediately leverage technology to continue operations. Most organizations embraced web conferencing and other online capabilities, as a means to conduct meetings and other functions that would have normally occurred in person. Zoom meetings have become sensational as they are among the most popular sources for web conferencing, information sharing, and remote collaboration. The widespread use of Zoom and other web conferencing tools brought with them a host of security issues, leaving users vulnerable to hacking and meeting invasions. The purpose of this traditional research is to examine the threats associated with web conferencing tools, specifically Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and Google Meet. As a comparison/contrast, the researcher also seeks to discover what security measures were employed by these utilities to mitigate risks, reduce threats, and enhance the user experience.

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