Considering the Ethics of Genetic Testing and Genetic Counseling 1. Will all the health professionals be able to doing genetic counseling at some degree? Explain your answer. 2- Imagine that you want to have a personal genetic test, but your sibling is strongly against finding out his or her own genetic information. Would you have the test done, and what would you do with the information you discover? Discuss the concerns and consequences of the different actions you could take. What are the benefits and risks of different choices? What are the possible ethical, legal, and social implications? Write down your analysis. Some questions to consider: • What effects do you think your genetic test results might have on your sibling? • Why do you think your sibling might not want to know his or her genetic information? • What could you and your sibling talk about to help you understand each other’s positions ? . You have the right to learn about your genetic information without the consent of the rest of your family, but why might you decide not to exercise that right? • How do you think having a personal genetic test done against your sibling’s wishes might affect your relationship?

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