Factors influencing the development of Health and Safety, CSR and Technological advances to Strategies in onshore Oil and Gas Operations. A case study of BP Oil. Future lessons for Disaster recovery in emerging countries This is a 10,000-word report consisting of Chapters, headings, and Subheadings Harvard referencing with books journals publications and internet sources divided and labeled separately. Use of examples, Case scenarios, statistics, charts, tables for instance. Gantt chart for project schedule to be attached to Appendices or main bodyIt should contain 6 or 7 chapters. Chapter1 Introduction, 3or 4 Research questions, aims, and objectives Chapter 2 Research methodology elaborately written 2000 words Chapter 3 Literature review Critically analyzing literature used and references to articles and books or models used. 2000 words, Chapters 4,5 and 6 would consist of the core subject. chapter 7 is recommendations and conclusion. salient points for proposals.

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