Which of the following cytochrome P450 isoenzymes is involved in the metabolism of largest number of drugs in human beings and has been implicated in some dangerous drug interactions: A. CYP 3A4 B. CYP 2C9 C. CYP 2E1 D. CYP 1A2 8. The most commonly occurring conjugation reaction for drugs and their metabolites is: A. Glucuronidation B. Acetylation C. Methylation D. Glutathione conjugation 9. Select the drug that undergoes extensive first-pass metabolism in the liver: A. Phenobarbitone B. Propranolol C. Phenylbutazone D. Theophylline 10. Glomerular filtration of a drug is affected by its: A. Lipid solubility B. Plasma protein binding C. Degree of ionization D. Rate of tubular secretion 11. If a drug undergoes net tubular secretion, its renal clearance will be: A. More than the glomerular filtration rate B. Equal to the glomerular filtration rate C. Less than the glomerular filtration rate D. Equal to the rate of urine formation druni liminated bu fimt ondan 12 IF

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