how does amoeba proteus obtain energy? What happens with Paramecium’s contractile vacuoles if you put it in salt or sugar solution?

which strong-tasting American grape is not commonly used for high quality wine, but is often used for juice, jellies and jums a M. Podola b . californica e. V. fabrica (cultivar Concord) d. P inifera (cultivar Chardonnay) c. P estris 7. The glassy-winged sharpshooter is problematic for vineyards because a. The insect larvae feed on developing grapes b. The insect spreads bacteria that cause Pierce’s disease c. The insect carries a fungus that turns the vines black d. The insect attracts flocks of birds, which then eat the grapes e. The insect devours grapevine leaves 8. French chemist Louis Pasteur is noted for what discovery related to winemaking? Sugars are comprised of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen b. Development of high quality microscope lenses C. Fermentation results from the action of yeast d. Tannins have a major impact on wine flavor e. Fermentation does not require live organisms 9. Recently, DNA testing at UC Davis revealed that Zinfandel, mostly grown in California a. Is related to a Croatian grape b. Is related to Merlot c. Is related to the Concord grape d. Is genetically unstable and was originally a white grape e. Is inappropriate for winemaking 10. The terms Cordon and Cane in viticulture apply to: a. The way the vine is tied to the post b. The spacing between plants c. Two different methods of training and pruning vines d. The number of buds left on the vine after pruning e. None of the above 11. In the US, alcohol is taxed by both the Federal government and individual states. Which of the following is true of wine taxation in the US? a. Most states have no alcohol tax b. The Federal Tax rate is the same for all wines The Federal Tax is lower for sparkling wines than table wines d. The Federal Tax increases with alcohol content e. The State alcohol tax is highest in California 

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