How are binary flssion nd exual reproduetion different? 39 You are a lab mierobiologist. You find a TSA slant that eurrently has bacteria cells in it This particular culture has been in the refrigerator for months. Wha growth stage would these cells be experiencing? 40 How is bacterial population growth different from human population growth? we described how bacterial growth curves looked exactly like the stages of human illness curve. Why are these two curves similar in shape and size? 42. True or False. Plasmid DNA exchanged through a pilus can increase antibiotic resistance You and your lab partner A are looking at live cells through a microscope. Most of the cells are green. Lab partner A yells out, “man, look at all of those photoautotrophs!” Your other lab partner (lab partner B) says, “Silly, those are chemoautotrophs!” Which lab partner, A or B is correct AND why? 43. Clinically, we are concerned with the microbial growth in biofilm communities in and on our work surfaces. Biofilm microbes utilize quorum sensing to establish and maintain the biofilm. Generally, what is quorum sensing?

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