Maltose is a disaccharide consisting of 2 glucose residues joined by a 194 glycosidic bond. Maltose is metabolized via glycolysis. However, in order to enter glycolysis, the disaccharide must first be processed. In some organisms, this processing involves two enzymes: maltose phosphorylase and one other enzyme that you have seen before. maltose By analogy with the phosphorylase that you learned about, write out the equation (molecule names only, not structures) for the maltose phosphorylase reaction. (2 marks) a. One of the products of this reaction can enter glycolysis directly, but the other one needs to be modified. Identify the enzyme used for this step, and write the reaction equation. Hint: you have learned about this enzyme. (2 marks) b. Other organisms prepare maltose for glycolysis using the enzyme maltase, which hydrolyzes the glycosidic bond. How does the ATP yield of maltose glycolysis difer using the two pathways (maltose phosphorylase vs. maltase? Explain your reasoning. (2 marks) c.

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