What are two forms of Euploid cells Name 2 body tissues that are normally comprised of polyploid cells What is triploidy A somatic cell that does not contain a multiple of 23 chromosomes is a(n)______cell. Define: Trisomy Monosomy Disjunction Nondisjunction Down syndrome is caused by what chromosomal disorder: The risk of having a child with Down syndrome increases with this in the mother. Children with Down Syndrome tend to have a (smaller or larger) than normal head with a (smaller or larger) than normal tongue. (Highlight or bold the correct answer) List 3 other physical characteristics of children with Down syndrome. Children with Down syndrome have a 10-20 times greater risk of developing what disorder Monosomy X or 45, X is a chromosomal disorder in which the female has what number of sex chromosomes The above disorder is more commonly called: What part of female reproductive organs is absent in girls with Monosomy X Polysomy X or 47. XX Y is also called:

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