How are mutations in cyclins or cdks affect the cell cycle? How are mutations in proteins associated with CDK activation affect the cell cycle?

What are some examples of viral proteins inhibiting tumor suppressors

Which of the following processes requires DNA Ligase?

Transcription by RNA polymerase
 Circularization of Lambda phage
 Chromosomal Replication

2-Which of the following are mRNA sequences could you find tRNA bound to in wild type E. coli K12 cells?

3′ UUU 5′ 

3′ CCC 5′ 

5′ AAA 3′ 

5′ TTTT 3′

3-Which of the following phenotypes are regulated through autocleavage of RecA?

 None of the above
 Bacteriocin production in Lactobacillus
 Osmolarity sensing in E. coli
 Light production of Vibrio fischeri 4-Deletion of which of the following would create a mutator strain of E. coli?   mucA   algU   mazE UvrA     the alginate biosynthesis operon  

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