State four (4) systems in the human body 4marks b. Describe two (2) ways by which each system stated in lai is functioning to aid the human body to be immuned against Corona Virus. 16marks c. Vitamins, proteins, fat and oils and carbohydrates are some of the nutrients needed to boost the immune system in these times of Corona virus. i. State one (1) local food source each from which these nutrients can be found. 4marks ii. Discuss why you stated the food source in 1 a. i. and how the nutrients found in them help to boost the immune system. 16marks to some on 2. a. When cooking the food sources listed in 1.c.i, tools and equipment are used. i. State the two classes of tools and equipment and write five examples of each class. 7marks ii. What is a food borne illness? 3marks iii. Among the food born illnesses, which of them is one likely to be prone to when vegetables are not washed well? 2marks Discuss two other causes and symptoms of the illness stated in 2 a. iii. 8marks iv. b. Discuss why the following are necessary when making bread 10marks i. Temperature ii. Kneading 3. a. The preparation of jam and marmalades requires the following. Give one reason for each requirement. 10marks i. Make sure the fruits are firm. ii. Use the right proportion of sugar to fruit.

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