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Discuss the debate about centralization and decentralization, which is heating up again with the advent of BYOD and the increasing use of the Web. Why does the Internet make this debate topical? Where do you think this is going? Do you have any examples of organizations where this is playing out?

The goal of the OSS Program during WWII is improved intelligence agent selection Assessment centers were first conceptualized by the German F High Command in World War I to select officers with exceptional command or military abilities The British Secret Service borrowed a page from Hitler’s book, maintaining an estate in the English countryside for training and evaluating agents who would be sent to work behind enemy lines. Camp X, their espionage school, provided a realistic setting for training. The estate was staffed with native German-speakers, and potential agents were given essential agents were given assignments requiring interaction with the staff Potential agents’ ability to maintain their cover while fulfilling their assignments was evaluated during their stay On June 13, 1941, President Roosevelt created the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) to coordinate the U.S. intelligence effort against Nazi Germany. Roosevelt named Street lawyer and World War I hero, to head the office with a handful of agents. Because they had no experience in espionage, the Shortly afterward, the OSS founded its own version of Camp X in the Virginia countryside, and named William Wild Bill”* Americans relied on the British procedures and even trained at Camp X it Station S. World War II Spy Assessment for the Office of Strategies Services (OSS) It is 1940, and you are a selection specialist assigned to the Office of Strategies Services (OSS Your assignment is to work as a team with three to four other classmates to develop a select “identify operatives who could successfully undertake hazardous in behind enemy lines.” In other words, yon are to select spies who will work in Japan Italy or G t ion systers to missions eniuiany Challenges

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