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Discuss the elements of organizational designs and how organizational design is linked to organizational behavior, communication, delegation, job satisfaction, and employee motivation. What have you experienced in the workplace?

A carousel storage system (bi-directional) is to be designed to serve an electronics/computer assembly plant. The system must have a total of 600 storage bins and a throughput of at least 120 storage and retrieval transactions per hour. Two alternative configurations are being considered: (1) a one carousel system and (2) a two-carousel system. In either case, the width of the carousel is to be 6.0 ft and the spacing between carriers 2.5 ft. One picker-operator will be required for the one-carousel system and two picker-operators will be required for the two-carousel system. In either system v-70 ft/min, For the convenience of the picker-operator, the height of the carousel will be limited to six bins. The standard time for a pickup-and-deposit operation at the load/unload station 0.3 min if one part is picked or stored per bin and 0.5 min if more than one part is picked or stored. Assume that 50%of the transactions will involve more than one component. Determine One-Carousel System 58, # of carriers on the carousel. 59. Circumference of the one-carousel system. 60. The required length of the one-carousel system 61. Storage/Retrieval Cycle Time 62. The corresponding throughput rate for the one-carousel system.

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