Which is the first type of immunity that we are protecet a. acquired immunity b. humoral immunity c. cell mediated immunity d. innate immunity e. adaptive immunity 7. T cells originate in: a. the thymus b. bone marrow c. Bursa of Fabricius d. the blood e. Lymph nodes 8. Which isotype of Immunoglobulin exists as a pentamer? a. IgG b. IgM c. IgE d. IgA e. IgD 9. B lymphocytes mature into which type of cell? a. Tcells b. Red blood cells c. Plasma cells d. Helper cells e. Natural killer cells 10. The second line of defense which occurs during our lifetime and give increased protection is known as: a. innate immunity b. humoral immunity c. cell mediated immunity e. adaptive immunity d. cytotoxic immunity

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