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Discuss the five major types of external forces that should be examined thoroughly as part of an external audit?

6. Tyler was recently looking at his company’s organization structure in an attempt to discover who reports to whom. Tyler is studying his organization’s .

A degree of formalization

B amount of differentiation

C degree of centralization

D chain of command

7. An understanding of which of the following would help waiters at a restaurant understand the positive consequences of working hard to be courteous and agreeable to each other and to customers?

A organizational behaviour

B scientific management

C statistical analysis

D evolutionary processes

8. Individuals with an tend to believe that outside forces are largely responsible for their fate.

A internal locus of control

B external locus of control

C extrasensory locus of control

D interdepartmental locus of control

9. During his first year of working at a law firm, Danny earned the respect of his supervisors by consistently producing very high quality work. Though the quality of Danny’s work declined in his second year of employment, his supervisors continued to view his work very positively. This is an example of the effect.

A halo

B primacy

C similar-to-me

D contrast

10. A celebrity has fired several of her personal assistants because each time she asks them a question about her appearance or how her performance was, they always tell her how great and wonderful she is. She is looking for a more honest personal assistant. What should be a quality she looks for in her next employee?

A high on agreeableness

B high on openness to experience

C low on neuroticism

D low on self-monitoring

11. Which one of the following is among the reasons why managers should plan?

A When work activities are coordinated around plans, inefficiencies become obvious.

B Uncertainty can be eliminated and the organization can be insulated from change with planning.

C Planning eliminates the need to set goals.

D Planning eliminates the need to measure work effort.

12. Nike, Inc. is a sportswear and equipment manufacturer that serves a multitude of sports disciplines. Which one of the following statements from Nike would be the best example of a strategic goal?

A a ten percent increase in average annual sales

B a seven percent increase in average annual income

C achieving a return on investment of 17 percent

D accelerating growth through focused execution

13. A team with no manager or team member assigned to lead the team is called a .

A cross-functional team

B self-managed work team

C standing committee

D informal work group

14. The five-stage model asserts that during the , the group is ready to tackle tasks and work toward achieving its goals.

A performing stage

B adjourning stage

C forming stage

D storming stage

15. Research on the five-stage model of group development shows that .

A all groups pass through the norming stage

B groups always pass through the stages in order

C not all groups go through each of the stages

D all groups pass through the adjourning stage

Question 2

An airline company had received more customer complaints, such as delayed flights and mishandled baggage, than any other major airline company. If you were the operations manager of this airline company, how might you apply management by objectives (MBO) to solve these problems? Discuss.

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