The part of the nephron where the blood plasma is filtered is called A Proximal convoluted tubule B. Distal convoluted tubule C. Loop of Henle D. Renal tubule E Renal corpuscle 11. Sperm production is in and its maturation is in A Seminiferous tubules B. Vas deference C. Epididymis D. Prostate E A and C 12. An oocyte is fertilized in the A Uterine tube B. Vagina C. Uterus D Ovary E Cervix 13. When the kidney function fails, what process is done to artificially rid the body of wastes A EKG B. Brain C. Dialysis D. Stomach E. None of these 14. Which of these is the function of the kidney? A Vitamin D production B. Secrets hormones C Osmoregulation D. Regulates blood pressure E All of these 15. The funnel-like structure where urine collects and that joins with the ureter A Renal cortex B. Renal medulla C Renal columns D. Renal pelvis E. Renal pyramid 16. Male and female gonads are A Sperm and egg B Tests and egg C. Ovaries and sperm D. Testes and ovaries E None of the above 17. Male and female gametes are A. Testes and egg B Sperm and egg c Ovaries and sperm D. Testes and ovaries E None of the above 18. The LH surge initiates A. Fertilization B. Follicle development C. Enlarges the vagina D. Ovulation E. Menses 19. One hormone responsible for maturation of follicles is A Progesterone B. HCG C. LH D. Estrogen E FSH 20. The hypothalamic hormone that regulates both male and female reproductive cycle is A FSH B. Testosterone C Oxytocin D LH E. GnRH 21. Which of the following is a function of the vagina? A. Oocyte production B. Estrogen production C. Testosterone production D. Reception of penis during intercourse 22. Most sperm are fertile for up to_hours within the female reproductive tract A. 72 B. 48 0.36 D 24 E 12

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