Function of the pericardium include all of the following except. physical barrier to extracardial infections and inflammations. b-affects heart rate c-affects BP daids cardiac contraction. 2- The chamber of the heart that endures the highest pressure is the: a- Rt. Atrium b-Lt. atrium Lt ventricle d-Rt. Ventricle e- none of the above. 3- During ventricular diastole valve(s) is (are) open. a- the semilunar b the atrioventricular neither d- both 4-Oxygenated blood flows through the: a- superior vena cava b- pulmonary veins pulmonary arteries d-coronary veins. 5- The complex represents the sum of all ventricular muscle cell depolarization> a- PRS b-ORSC-QT interval d-P 6-Pressure in the left ventricle must exceed pressure in thebefore the left ventricle can eject blood. superior vena cava bcoronary sinus inferior vena cava d- pulmonary veins e aorta. 7- The resting heart in normal person is primarily under the control of the nervous system. a- sympathetic b-parasympathetic -somatic d- spinal 8-The coronary blood vessels are directly bybranch of the autonomic nervous system.

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