What genotypes can be accurately recorded in this pedigree? Since right-handedness is dominant, the left-handed individuals must be homozygous recessive in their genotype. Record “hh” under their symbols. b. All right-handed individuals must have at least one copy of that dominant allele, so record one “H” under their symbol. Since children of a left-handed parent must have received a copy of that reces- sive allele, record one “h” in his genotype. d. Right-handed parents producing a left-handed child must have both the “H” and “h” alleles in a heterozygous genotype. Fill in those blanks. The remaining five people have a recorded genotype of “H_” but there is not enough information to fill in the blank. f. Use a Punnett square to determine the probability of the unborn baby being left-handed. e. PROCEDURE 1. Following the provided descriptions, determine your expressed phenotype for the listed genetic traits and record it by drawing a circle around it in Table 1. The phenotype expressing the dominant allele is underlined. 2. Individuals expressing the dominant alleles should only record the gene (letter) that they know for certain, such as “A .” Persons expressing the recessive allele (lowercase letter) will automatically know their genotype and should record the letters (a a) in the two blank spaces of that column. 3. If your complete genotype is not known, construct a pedigree to include the pheno- types of your parents, and any of your children, or brothers and sisters, to determine if any more information can be found, as in the previous example of a pedigree. 106

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