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Discuss implications of professional nursing integrity and academic integrity.

Compare and contrast the effects of insulin and oral medications for type 1 and type 2 diabetics. What patient education is necessary?

A patient with cirrhosis and all its associated problems has an RBC count of 2 million, and thrombocytopenia. These low numbers are most likely caused by cellular hemolysis from pancreatitis. splenomegaly secondary to portal hypertension esophageal varices secondary to portal stricture cholecystitis due to malfunctioning lithotripsy 1. a. b. C. d. The patient in question 2 also has ascites. In reviewing the patient’s lab work, the nurse understands that one likely cause of the ascites is: (normal osmolality is 280-295) serum osmolality of 275 due to decreased serum proteins. serum osmolality of 300 due to increased serum proteins. hypernatremia due to decreased levels of aldosterone. hypernatremia due to increased levels of aldosterone. 2. a. b. C. d. A jaundiced patient has a higher than normal direct bilirubin. The mechanism most likely responsible for 3. , and a likely responsible disease process is prehepatic obstruction; erythroblastosis fetalis increased unconjugated bilirubin; hepatitis posthepatic obstruction; cholelithiasis transmural intestinal ulceration; Crohn’s disease. this is a. b. C. d. The nurse caring for a patient with cirrhosis notices signs and symptoms of encephalopathy such as confusion and asterixis. The cause of these is most likely: 4. increased serum lipase. low serum liver enzymes decreased conjugated bilirubin. increased serum ammonia a. b. C. d. A patient is having melena stools. This is most likely due to: low level of intrinsic factor in the gut digested blood from a duodenal ulcer. gastroparesis causing slow emptying. hematemesis from PUD. 5. a. b. C. d. un

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