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Discuss the importance of using project management principles in operational management in the context of delivering COVID-19 vaccines globally focusing on:

3.1.1 Identifying the scope of operations management (10)

3.1.2 Listing the key issues that arise in this discipline (10)

3.1.3 How these issues might be avoided by the various project managers (

  Write a short communication in the form of an email, memo or letter, to your supervisor in paragraph form explaining the importance of documenting a business process. Please include what requirements and resources might be needed to document the process and what your recommendations would be to communicate the process to the respective work unit.

 Netflix produces and streams two popular series: Orange is the New Black (ONB) and Grace & Frankie (GF). Netflix releases 20 ONB episodes per year and 12 GF episodes per year. One episode of ONB takes 6 months to complete. If there are same number of ONB and GF episodes in production, how long does it take to one episode of GF to complete? Assume one year is 12 months. 🙂 8 months 6 months 14 months 10 months 12 months

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