After performing ECG for a patient, the length between two successive Rwaves equal 10 small square, if the paper speed is 25mm/sec, the heart rate for this patient equal: m (1 Point) 125 beat/ minute. 100 beat/ minute 150 beat/ minute. 48 beat/ minute. 18 The volume of air that inhaled after normal inhalation is called: * (1 Point) Expiratory reserve volume. Tidal volume Residual volume. Inspiratory reserve volume. 19 Plantar flexion is a normal reflex after performing: * (1 Point) Achilles reflex Patellar reflex Superficial reflex Triceps reflex Both Achilles reflex and Superficial reflex 20 In spirometer to measure the maximum voluntary ventilation patient should: (1 Point) Inspire slowly (fully), then expire slowly (fully). Inspire slowly (fully), then expire rapidly (fully). Make Hyperventilation Breathe rapidly for 12-15 seconds.

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