How does dilutional hyponatremia happen in SIADH How is the urine output different in SIADH and DI What hormone is responsible for these two disorders What is the difference between Acromegaly and Giantism What hormone is responsible Abnormality of which gland might cause a goiter List at least 5 major symptoms you might see with hypothyroidism. What is the name a common cause of Hypothyroidism What type of disorder is this disease related to Define Myxedema Coma. What is the pathophysiology involved in Myxedema Coma What hormone is deficient What are 4 clinical manifestations of myxedema coma What disease is caused by hypothyroidism in children List the two major clinical manifestations of the disorder above. What is the name of the most common type of hyperthyroidism List 5 major symptoms of hyperthyroidism What is the pathophysiology that leads to hyperthyroidism What is thyroid crisis or storm The parathyroid glands regulate which 2 electrolytes Increase in PTH will increa

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