Write a three (3) page paper on the application and challenges involved with implementing an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system for a private family medicine practice. This is a small family practice with 3 doctors and a HIT budget of $60,000 annually and $150,000 for upfront expenditures.  The report must answer the following questions.

What are the most important functionalities of the EHR that needs to be implemented at the practice?

Is it possible for any existing Practice Management Systems to be integrated with the EHR?

Identify any two critical challenges in implementing the EHR.

Identify any four critical advantages the EHR would provide to the practice.

How you would manage the project planning and implementation of this EHR?

Explain the technology security considerations and how HIPAA governs their implementation.

Make a recommendation on the type of EHR system this practice should adopt and support your decision using data.

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