The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) makes many copies of DNA in a test tube. Compared to DNA replication in a cell it requires fewer enzymes. For each of the following DNA replication enzymes, state whether they are needed in PCR (YES OR NÖ), and give a reason for your answer (3 marks) (0) ligase (ii) primase DNA polymerase (ii) b) A dominantly inherited disease occurs when a sheep has more than 40 repeats of an ATT trinucleotide sequence in the blaH gene on the X chromosome. The picture below shows the pedigree of an affected sheep cross, with each individual (male or female) indicated by a triangle, along with an electrophoresis gel with PCR-amplified fragments of the blaH gene indicating the number of ATT repeats for each of the sheep in the pedigree. 1 2 3 4 5 6 78 9 10 42 repeats 23 repeats 20 repeats (0) Shade the triangles on the pedigree above to show individuals who have (2.5 marks) the disease. (i) For each individual, indicate whether the sheep is likely to be male or female by writing ‘M’ or ‘F’ above each lane of the gel. (2.5 marks) Explain how you determined your answer to question () (ilm) (2 marks)

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