Which best describes the ion concentrations INSIDE the cell during the hyperpolarization period of an action potential? [Na+]IN is lower, but increasing to that at VREST and [K+]IN is higher, but decreasing to that at VREST [Na+]IN is higher, but decreasing to that at VREST and [K+]IN is lower, but increasing to that at VREST [Na+]IN is lower than that at VREST and [K+]IN is lower than that at VREST [Na+]IN is higher than that at VREST and steady and [K+]IN is lower than that at VREST and steady What is the principal advantage of the process of accommodation? it reduces the signal/noise ratio, reducing unecessary background signals it increases the speed of conduction of AP it lowers the threshold voltage increasing the cell’s ability to respond to stimuli it decreases capacitance so voltage changes can happen faster How do tonic firing neurons differ from phasic firing neurons? Phasic firing neurons accomodate much faster than tonic firing neurons Tonic firing neurons allow cells to stop firing altogether while phasic firing neurons simply reduce number of action potentials per second Phasic firing neurons turn off their Na+/K+pumps while tonic firing neurons simply slow down their pumping. a an b, but not c are correct a, b, and c are all correct In the internodal region of a myelinated axon, the current of Na+ ions flows… not across the axonal membrane at all, but only lengthwise inside the axon within the axoplasm only in the extracellular space outside the cell between the myelin sheath cell and the axonal membrane in and out in a cyclic pattern across the axonal membrane in the internode inward across both the myelin sheath cell membranes and axonal membrane into the axon How do myelinated axons conduct signals faster than non-myelinated axons? sparks of electricity can jump through the fluids between nodes very fast the signal alternates between electrotonic conduction in the internode and action potentials in the node the signal is maintained at a full 100 mV size the entire length of the axon the signal travels electrotonically the full length of these axons

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