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Discuss the problem of severe unemployment in many African countries due to economic downturns and civil strife.

For example, in South Africa, a third of the workforce is out of work. Exploding populations add thousands daily to the labor market when there are only hundreds of job openings. Although tourism is a great hope, civil unrest often keeps foreign visitors away. Public sector jobs are limited. Sometimes job opportunities are restricted by labor practices and unions, as well as by a lack of skilled applicants. Management is often overpaid, whereas hourly workers are inadequately compensated. In African economies where labor is plentiful and skills scarce, the emphasis should be placed upon revising restrictive labor laws and regulations, as well as encouraging more skill training and entrepreneurialism.

All postings must include the reference material used for research. Posts that do not include a reference will not receive credit.

Deliverables: 15 total points

Your own post (8 points):

  • 250 words
  • Meaningful, applicable content
  • Due 11:59 pm, Thursday
  • Sources (3 points): Each posting, your own as well as responses to other students’ postings, must include a minimum of one reference. Any post that does not include a reference will not receive credit.

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