The process that permits an exchange of genes resulting in their recombination and a part of the variation among humans is called in primary spermato 13. The result of meiosis in spermatogenesis is that each primary spermatocyte produces four spermatids 14. The stage of spermatogenesis that results in maturation of spermatids into sperm cells is called spermiogenisis 15. The afterbirth expelled in the final stage of delivery is the placenta 16. After the second month, the developing human is referred to as a(n) embryo 17. Embryonic tissues from which all tissues and organs of the body develop are called the 18. The cells of the inner cell mass divide to form two cavities: amniotic cavity and Ibnu aluation lod (b). 19. Somatic cells that contain two sets of chromosomes are referred to as 20. Rapid mitotic cell divisions of the zygote after fertilization are called od bag dog 21. In oogenesis, primordial follicles develop into follicles, 22. The clear, glycoprotein layer between the cocyte and granulosa cells is called the want bigol 23 . refers to the functional changes that sperm cells undergo in the female reproductive tract that allow them to fertilize a secondary oocyte. 24. The of a blastocyst develops into an embryo. 25. The decidua is the portion of the endometrium between the embryo and stratum basalis of the uterus. 26. The process by which the bilaminar embryonic dise transforms into a trilaminar embryonic disc is called

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