Spinal nerves are a. purely sensory nerves b. purely motor nerves c. mixed nerves d. internerves e. involuntary nerves 20. The outermost covering of the spinal cord is the a. filum terminale b. denticulate ligament c. dura mater d. pia mater In diagnosing bacterial and viral infections of the nervous system, sample cerebrospinal fluid are extracted for analysis. This procedure would logi withdraw fluid for analysis from the 21. a. dura mater b. arachnoid c. epidural space d. subarachnoid space e. none of the above 22. The third and fourth ventricles are linked by the a. central canal b. tentorium cerebelli c. mesencephalic aqueduct d. interventricular foramina e. medulla oblongata 23. The subarachnoid space contains a. cerebrospinal fluid b. lymph c. air d. connective tissue and blood vessels e. denticulate ligaments Verizon LTE 6:09 PM candice medg 3/18/19, 6:03 PM In the peripheral nervous system, Schwann cells participate in the repair of damaged nerves by 14. a. producing new axons b. regenerating cell bodies for the neurons e. forming a cellular tube that can direct growth of new axons d. clearing away cellular debris e. all of the above 15. Active neurons require large amounts of ATP for a. synthesis of neurotransmitters b. axoplasmic flow c. the activity of the sodium-potassium pump d. recycling neurotransmitters e. all of the above 16. Bundles of axons in the spinal cord are called b. tracts e. centers d. auclei e. ganglia 17. The ulnar Berve is found in which plexus? a. cranial b. cervical c. brachial d. lumbar .sacral 18. Blood vessels servicing the spinal cord are found in the a pia mater b. dura mater c. epidural space d. subdural space e. subarachnoid space

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