NERVOUS TISSUE HISTO LO GY QUIZ 1. Which of the following statements regarding nervous tissue is NOT true? a. Neurons are specialized to conduct electrical impulses b Neuroglial cells protect and support neurons C. Neurons are the most abundant type of cell in nervous tissue. d. There are six different types of neuroglial cells Which of the following pairs is NOT correctly matched? a multipolar-least abundant type b unipolar dendrites arise from initial segment c bipolar- only two processes extend from cell body d. All are correctly matched. 3. Which structure of a neuron stores neurotransmitter? a. nodes of Ranvier b. cell body c axon hillock d. axon terminals 4 Which neuron structure receives impulses from preceding cell? a axons c. Schwann cell d. cell body b. dendrites 5. Which region of a neuron is also called the soma? a. cell body b. dendrite c. axon d. myelin sheath 6. The outer layer of the myelin sheath is the: a. epineurium b. neurilemma. C. axon terminal. d. node of Ranvier 7. Which of the following neuroglial cells is NOT located in the CNS? a. oligodendrocytes b. ependymal cells c. microglial cells d. satellite cells 8. Which type of neuroglial cell helps to maintain the blood-brain barrier? a. microglial cells b. oligodendrocytes C. astrocytes d. ependymal cells 9. Which type of neuroglial cell produces myelin in the CNS? c. ependymal cells d. Schwann cells a. microglial cells b. oligodendrocytes of a neuron. 10. Special receptors that bind neurotransmitters are mainly located on the c. ахоns a. dendrites d. neurilemma b. soma 196 Introduction to the Nervous System xercise 1

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