What type of blood vessel always carries blood away from the inside of the heart the chambers)? & arteries b. veins O venules d. capillaries QUESTION 2 Which type of blood vessel always returns blood to the inside of the heart (the chambers? O a. arterioles b. arteries O capillaries d. veins QUESTION 3 Which valve is between the left atrium and the left ventricle? O tricuspid valve b. aortic semilunar valve O pulmonary semilunar valve d. bicuspid valve QUESTION 4 Which two chambers of the heart both contain oxygenated (wygenrichi blood a. left atrium and left ventricle b. right atrium and left atrium Oright atrium and right ventride O d.right ventricle and left ventricle QUESTIONS Which chambers) pump blood up and out of the heard a. BOTH the right and left ventricles Ob. BOTH the night and left atrium OC ONLY the left atrium Od ONLY the right ventricle

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